US of A

Hands down, this was the trip of the year for me. It was about uniting hearts, witnessing love and visiting beautiful people who nurture my creative and spiritual identity.

One of the highlights of the trip was attending a live rap concert called ‘taking it to the streets’. This concert featured rap heavyweights such as the supremely talented Talib Kweli. The Malaysian singer songwriter and Muslim trend setter, Yuna also performed as well as a whole host of inspiring artists from all over the world.

I took photographs on the day and had a fantastic  time with the diverse and positive community of Chicago.

I  also attended the wedding of a very close friend of mine. This was the point I put my feet up a little and just basked in the abundant generosity of our new family.

During my trip to the US, I did a lot of stopover flights which meant I got to meet many interesting individuals. This also gave me the inspiration to create more and a chance to collaborate in future with fellow creatives.