What Does It Mean To be Muslim?

Everyday the world asks me this one question: What does it mean to be Muslim? I set out to answer this question with the help of some awesome Muslim dudes! The awesome dudes include singer-songwriter Omar Esa, international artist and producer Ramzi Sleiman, spoken word poet Tommy A-Man Evans, social activist and multitalented Bilal Hassam, visual artist Isa Noorudeen, charity workers Foreed Islam, Sara Morad, Ahmad Teladia and Abu Akeem, restaraunt workers from the Tukdin family, my super talented henna artist sister Salma Khan, my beautiful wife Momota, my daughter Safiyyah, my brother Zeeshan, martial artist Zaynul Abedin and Shohidul Islam, graphic designer Zahra Said and breakdancer b-boy Faraz Razzleroc Khan! This was done as part of the launch of Shelina Janmohamed’s latest book Generation M. Make sure to check that out! https://www.theguardian.com/world/201…

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