Speaking Conference over Muslim Art

Muslim Art, Identity & Activism

Dr William Barylo (Affiliate Researcher, EHESS (Paris))
‘Art as a Decolonial Narrative: Rumi’s Cave in London’
Shahnaz Akhter (PhD Candidate, Warwick University)
‘Englistan, The New British’
Isa Sulaiman Noorudeen (Co-Founder, Developing Our Traditions)
‘Art in Our Times: The Battle with a Community to which Art is Alien’
Shaheen Kasmani (Freelance artist)
‘Decolonising Islamic Art’
Faisal Hussain (Director, True Form Projects)
‘Suspect Objects, Suspect Subjects’
Chair: Mohammed Ali MBE (Soul City Arts)

Source: http://www.mbrn.org.uk/exploring-contemporary-muslim-art-culture-heritage-in-britain-conference-2017/

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