Artistic Jihad

Artistic Jihad

Artistic Jihad

Artistic Jihad is a Muslim student art competition that was being exhibited in London’s Mica Gallery. The project, run by the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), aims to provide a platform to ignite creativity and showcase young British Muslim artistic talent.

My work was fortunate enough to be selected out of hundreds who applied for the exhibition at the MICA gallery in Sloane Square.


Ancestral Eminence:

The artwork I have created is a bridge to connect to the Muslim identity, both past and present. I look to interpret traditional Arab, Turkish and Persian illustrations and apply them to the digital arts. By having the ability to express emotion in an abstract method is a part of my efforts to add onto the existing legacy of Islamic Arts, which have been greatly admired throughout history and continue today.

The ‘Woman in Red’ was a spontaneous piece to which I drew with much conviction, although I was unaware of what I aimed to produce, and I began to recognise the creation of a shy yet powerful woman. This illustration paved the way for ‘Blue Warrior’ and ‘Veiled Malikah’ which are closely related to the ‘Woman in Red’.

Through my pieces, I experienced a strong sense of creative euphoria and appreciation to my Creator, which made me look at whether creativity is innate or just inspiration that we draw from external forces.

I do not know what other creativities are hidden within myself, or what my Creator will bless me with, but I eagerly await for it to be revealed, allowing me to illustrate my future.

“With Him are the Keys of the Ghayb; non knows them but He.”  [Quran 6:59]

Photo Credit to © Muna Ally, 2012