Anjum The Drawer

Anjum The DrawerThe “earth” without “art” is just “eh” (o_O)

For the sweet love of all good things on the interweb, why are you reading this?? I jest (^_^)! Thank you for dropping by to read my little drivel on this infinitesimally tiny space of the gargantuan interweb space.

I’m Anjum, a highly inconspicuous and amateur casual drawist, also known as “Oh! You’re the one who draws!”

I use the medium of digital art to draw anime-style drawings and other cartoony stuff, cos I like it and cos I wanna. It’s just a hobby/ way of giving an outlet to the weird stuff in my head/ way of making people ridiculously happy/ way of feeding my obsessive compulsive drawing disorder/ way of procrastinating (take your pick).

People like to ask me “Can you draw me?”, because people love to be drawn by drawists! Even amateur drawists such as myself!

(What a…humbling *lip quiver* and most gracious…*clears throat, wipes away tear*…honour *sniff*).

You can cast a glance at some of my scribbles on here and on the selfie and twitter.com/an_j_ime