Bas Felis!
“A film which breaks the boundaries of documentary and enters the world of mystery and state of mind which journeys you to a historical period where cats were crowned as the Gods of the underworld.
Now, the term Experimental has the word mental. Therefore, the aim of this film is to achieve great psychological madness to the audience by showing many techniques of Abstract Cinema. Finally, this will be a fresh air to experimental film and dodge the repeated methods and techniques. Many influences include Maya Deren’s, Stan Brakhage and David Lynch styles and techniques with a twist.
Make sure you watch in Full Screen HD and put the Volume up! Enjoy!”
-Sarah Hatab

Directed by Sarah Hatab

Written by Sarah Hatab & Sharelle Velinor

Starring: Amber Akira & Mohammad Fakhoury

Make-Up Artist: Jure Chuk

DOP & Editor: Isa Noorudeen

Bas Felis (2014) from Isa Sulaiman Arts on Vimeo.

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