Do you think about me now and then? ‘Cause I’m coming home again.”

First impressions of Chi-city? Mind. Blown. Anyone who knows me knows I have no niggeling desire to visit the Americas above the south. Let alone visit the Windy City.

As life is, it had a path it wanted me to walk down. A very dear close friend of mine was to be wed with a Chicagoite and it was going to be the shindig of the year. Many had set sail prior and I was the late comer traversing the Atlantic in my One Piece tshirt.

After listening to iPod a few times and being in a queue in immigration it actually hit me That I was in the Americas! Not that it was my first visit, but I just didn’t expect to be there. One of the biggest lessons I learnt was that home is where the heart is. I’ve realized that home isn’t bricks and mortar, concrete or steel. It is the place you find loved ones.

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