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Papaya! Papaya!

More Papaya Team at Mixcloud.com/PapayaTeam One Colombian papaya, One Jamaican papaya, Together they make the papaya team! A duo artist both here for the public’s entertainment hosting Rumi’s Cave Radio Show Rumi’s Cave is a community hub, and a cultural arts and events space inspired by the legacy of the poet Rumi. Now they are […]


… “to begin anew, in much the same way that Chinese calligraphers would change their names mid-career so they could start over: “ They would change their signature, their identity, so they could remain free to evolve artistically. -David Mack, Kabuki. It has been over half a decade since my last emblem. even in one […]

Rosales Tres!

The third annual trip to Alquería de Rosales organised by the charity Ulfa UK and The Source.  The magic and energy can only be described as nourishment for the soul, and I am not one for cheese, but that is genuinely what it feels like. This trip is always a detox from city life which […]


“Do you think about me now and then? ‘Cause I’m coming home again.” First impressions of Chi-city? Mind. Blown. Anyone who knows me knows I have no niggeling desire to visit the Americas above the south. Let alone visit the Windy City. As life is, it had a path it wanted me to walk down. […]


One of the main reasons I crossed the Atlantic Ocean was to visit my teacher, spiritual guide and friend. He never tells me what I want to hear, but surely what I need to. To me he is a humble man endowed with knowledge and good etiquette. I am blessed and enriched by visiting him […]

US of A

Hands down, this was the trip of the year for me. It was about uniting hearts, witnessing love and visiting beautiful people who nurture my creative and spiritual identity. One of the highlights of the trip was attending a live rap concert called ‘taking it to the streets’. This concert featured rap heavyweights such as […]