About Artizen

Artizen explores the importance of art, creativity and spirituality; with your hosts and presenters Sakinah Le Noir and Isa Noorudeen.

Exclusive to British Muslim TV

ArtiZen is a groundbreaking new television show that explores the rich and vibrant world of art, creativity, and spirituality within the Muslim community in the UK. Hosted by Sakinah Le Noir and Isa Noorudeen, this exciting new series takes viewers on a journey through the creative and artistic careers of some of the most talented and inspiring Muslim artists in the country.

Through a series of in-depth interviews and captivating profiles, ArtiZen showcases the incredible talent and passion of these artists and helps to inspire the next generation of Muslim creatives to pursue their passions and dreams.

For many Muslims living in the UK, the pursuit of a creative or artistic career can be a struggle due to the economic realities of being an immigrant in a new country. But as ArtiZen demonstrates, there is a rich history of artisans and craftspeople within the Muslim community, and this show hopes to encourage the next generation to embrace their talents and follow their dreams.

Join Sakinah and Isa on their journey as they celebrate the diverse and vibrant world of Muslim art and creativity, and discover the powerful role that art and spirituality play in the lives of Muslims in the UK. ArtiZen is an inspiring and uplifting series that is not to be missed. Don’t miss out on this exciting new show, exclusive to British Muslim TV..

ArtiZen Promo • series 1

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